Terms & Conditions

  • Fill all the details in sign up form and then proceed with the slot booking (except Sundays/Holidays/Third Saturday of every month). 
  • Every registered user has to make a note of his/her registration id which should be produced for all future references.
  • Confirmation for your slot bookings would be given within 2 days (working hours). 
  • In case of cancellation of slot , user need to inform 2 days prior to Innovation Centre office 0820 -2925055/9686695437 or can send a mail to cif.innovation@manipal.edu.
  • Requisition form has to be obtained from the office of Innovation Centre, MIT Manipal before making the payment. 
  • The Payment has to be made at the Student Finance, MIT Manipal and receipt has to be submitted in the IC office before the collecting the result of the analysis.
  • The payment can be done through online. Online details will be communicated via email.
  • The analytical data/spectra are provided only for research/ development purposes. These cannot be used as certificates in legal disputes.  
  • Submitted / confirmed slot date shall be changed or cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances such as breakdown/maintenance of the instruments or technician unavailability.
  • If inconvenience is experienced in visiting Innovation Centre, samples and payment should be  sent preferably in the same cover to the below mentioned address  and service charges are payable in advance by DD in favor of “Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. Only Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) payment can be done through DD/Cheque (preferably cheque) in the favor of “MUTBI”. Before sending the samples it is compulsory to book the slot through online (cif.manipal.edu)
    Director – Research (Technical)
    Central Instrumentation Facility
    Innovation Centre
    Academic Block – 4
    Innovation Centre
    MIT, Manipal – 576104
    Phone NO: 0820 - 2925055 
  • Separate samples should be sent for different analysis. 
  • Samples will not retained unless a special request is made. 
  •  Radio-active material, unstable, explosive compounds are not accepted for analysis.
  • To get the results of SEM, AFM and UV- VIS- NIR he/she should bring his/her own unused CD. Pendrives or any other such Hard Disks will not be permitted.
  • You are requested to report the Innovation Centre within the stipulated time.